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Year: 2008
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Year: 2012
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Model: MMG55
Year: 2016
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Responsibilities of a Forklift Driver
The task of a forklift driver is to be able to move materials from one place to another, usually within warehouses and factories. Forklift drivers require particular training, that is normally offered by the workplace. Prospective forklift drivers should pass both a background check and a drug test.

Daily Inspections
A forklift operator's responsibilities include carrying out daily functionality and safety inspections. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration mandates that all types of forklifts be inspected prior to utilizing them. The operator must inspect the forklift once more after the shift. Yearly safety training is a very vital part of the job description of a forklift operator.

Unloading and Loading
Forklift operators make use of forklift controls to load and unload supplies and to be able to stack stuff efficiently and in a timely manner.

Weighing Materials
A forklift operator's responsibilities include weighing the materials they are moving, and logging the weights.

Quality Control
One more important part of a forklift operator's job is quality control. This involves ensuring orders are correct and making sure the materials do not sustain damage during the moving process.

Battery Maintenance and Care
Caring for the forklift battery helps ensure a long life span for the unit. Maintenance and care procedures comprise inspecting the level of water inside the battery approximately every five charge cycles, filling the cell to just above the visible protector, being careful not to overflow the water, and cleaning up any spills. Once a forklift battery is charging, never interrupt the cycle.

PPE: Personal Protective Equipment
Personal Protective Equipment is required when doing work on the forklift battery, like checks of water levels. Both hand protection and eye protection must be worn, and an acid spill kit and a fire extinguisher should be on hand. Forklift drivers must always observe safety rules. The charging place must be kept ventilated and clear of open fire.

  • Boom lifts usually utilize a telescopic extension or an articulating arm for raising individuals or supplies. These machinery are usually utilized in the construction industry as well as in utility applications. The boom lifts are classed in the "aerial equipment" category. Telescopic booms are known to have a straight arm which extends in length and increases in height. In addition, articulating booms are designed to be raised, but offer a multi-piece arm for the ability of reaching an elevated location or work platform. Both articulating booms and telescopic booms could be self-contained with their own drive trains, or can be mounted on vehicles or trailers. Several units use wheels, while other designs have stabilizing tracks or legs. The telehandler has a telescopic boom that incorporated into the machinery. These boom lifts are really simple to maneuver all over a construction site due to their design being outfitted with drive trains and wheels. Choosing the proper boom to meet your specific requirements means analyzing particular product specifications and features. For instance, the width horizontal reach, working height and the lift or load capacity are basic measurements to consider. The power system options as well as the various platform designs are other vital features to take into account. Most boom lift platforms are made from steel. They usually include a swing gate for walk-in access or a sliding, mid-rail gate. Several boom lift styles offer tri-entry features that offer sliding mid-rail entrances on both ends of the platform and the front of the platform. Platform accessories comprise air lines, additional railings, welder leads and travel alarms. Tool trays and work lights are available as well. In terms of power options, several models are available with 3-phase AC generator to enable welding operations. The generator can be belt-driven or hydraulic-driven, depending on the unit. When it comes to engine options, potential features and tire types, boom lift units vary greatly. The tires on a boom lift could be filled with foam or air, for instance and they could be categorized as non-marking. There are models available that are outfitted with rubber tires as well. The engine on a boom lift may utilize gasoline or diesel fuel. These machinery can be outfitted with a cold-weather package. This package usually comes with accessories such as: asynthetic motor oil and a battery blanket. There are a lot of different available styles and extra features for boom lifts in order to guarantee they are suitable for certain settings. More

  • Taylor Machine Works is a complete series of heavy duty forklift trucks, specialty machines, container handlers and equipment that continues to lead the industry because of their emphasis on consistency, support and ruggedness. For more than 80 years now, Taylor has been bringing their credo of work, vision and faith to the Heavy-duty lift equipment all around the globe. Taylor holds their clients close. They believe that a satisfied client is one who gets to enjoy the advantages of the full range of user experience. Initially, their products were engineered and made to standards that meet only the toughest of business conditions. Just the best and strongest available materials and vendor items are chosen so as to make sure that their equipment will successfully meet your requirements each and every day for numerous years to come. Taylor has built among the best reputations in the industry with a lot of of their machinery usually found at the tops of the lists in the resale market. Though they may not be the lowest priced machinery existing on the market, clients understand that used or brand new, a Taylor equipment is strong, dependable and ready to handle all your requirements. Taylor forklifts are made with excellent workmanship. They just utilize superior components and top-of-the-line technology in every equipment. When you purchase Taylor, you receive less operating expenses, high output, easy maintenance and serviceability, along with unparalleled aftermarket support. These factors contribute to these lift trucks commanding the highest resale value within the material handling business. Their machines have been called "Big Red" equipment. Units are made tough to be utilized in all types of settings and to carry out all kinds of tasks. These kinds of equipment are huge and work often in such diverse applications and industries including: Intermodal, Steel Mills, Industrial and Contracting Rigging, Lumber, Heavy Metals, Aluminum Mills, Concrete Pine and Precast, Mining, Forgings and Ship Building and Foundries. The workers at Taylor is all devoted to helping you make the right choice when determining what kind of model would be the most suitable for your specific requirements. Be sure not to hesitate to call your local Taylor dealer when you are in the market for a second-hand or brand new forklift. As well, different rental options may be an affordable and suitable way to help make such a huge choice for your business. The parts and service group is very knowledgeable and efficient, striving to ensure you experience as little down time as possible. More

  • The telehandlers designed and manufactured by Gradall have made a reputation in the industry for their dependability, strength and low cost of ownership. Moreover, they are really popular for their exclusive 90-degree rear-pivot steering. This feature is really what sets Gradall Telescopic Handlers apart from the competition. These machinery are capable of turning sharp corners and provide exceptional maneuverability in even the tightest of work areas, allowing operators to take these equipment where other telehandlers are not capable of working. The Gradall models can block in crowded landing locations and move down narrow aisles with better speed and accuracy. Moreover, these models can also square-up lumber. The ergonomically designed and spacious machine could provide a clear view of the job site. Gradall's telehandlers are outfitted with a huge range of attachments so as to complete a huge range of jobs. There is basically nothing a Gradall Telehandler could not do, in order to accomplish the high performance level you need to get the job done. JLG Telehandlers JLG Telehandlers are known for their innovation, power and extreme versatility. These are the main components that the JLG family of all-wheel-steer telehandlers. Their 1 compact model, combined with their 5 full-sized models allow you and your business to handle any jobsite challenge with efficiency and ease. These machines have the capabilities of better overall visibility, a centered cab design and a high-boom pivot. Each and every JLG telehandler can be equipped with many attachments. More versatility, power and capacity are offered with JLG telehandlers. These equipment make an exceptional addition to any fleet. Numerous smaller businesses choose to lease different units and brands prior to committing to buy something very pricey. This is a good alternative to experiment with the telescopic handlers offered on the market and find the precise model that will meet your requirements. Your productivity is on the line, the minute you climb into the cab of a telehandler. With a an all-wheel steer telehandler by JLG, these machines provide the necessary dependability, power and maneuverability that has become standard on every equipment in the lineup. With heights of up to 55 feet and load capacities from 5500 to 12,000 pounds any challenge in the jobsite can be attained with these particular pick and place telehandler models. More

  • There are 7 various classes of forklifts offered on the market. Some classes, including I, II, III and IV are specially engineered and designed to be used on smooth indoor surfaces. They may be chosen for particular aspects of recycling that happen in those kinds of environments. For more intensive outdoor recycling applications, Class VII and V lift trucks are usually used. Numerous businesses have a few or all of their applications outdoors and have to deal with workloads considered extreme. Their lift truck selection will gravitate toward IC or Internal Combustion equipment in Class VII and Class V. These models work really well in any weather conditions and have an adequate amount of power to run heavy items during the course of a shift. Another key factor to take into account is to operate a lift truck safely. Understanding and acknowledging the center of gravity is necessary when operating a lift truck, especially when traveling on uneven terrain. Knowing the stability triangle in these difficult work situations is also imperative. Normally, warehouses can use different types of reach trucks. Some manufacturing operations and the supply area for numerous textile firms also depend on various units. Using a reach truck to store finished merchandise on pallets, a variety of supplies and other pieces of machines is common. These kinds of equipment help in keeping a facility organized and allow them to utilize the maximum amount of space by stacking vertically. Reach trucks are quite easy to use. They can help make better use of both available storage space and time. It is extremely better to purchase a new forklift if you are going to need the forklift for 4 to 8 hours a day. With such continuous use, the warranty alone can come in handy. If, however, you are only unloading and loading on a bi-weekly basis or not really often, then a second-hand model might be suitable for your requirements. Each and every situation is different and you should evaluate your individual needs prior to selecting a suitable equipment. More

  • Rough terrain vehicles are used mostly to handle stacks of wood, pallets of concrete blocks and other handling jobs on surfaces which are not paved. These equipment are made to work in extreme settings. Lots of rough terrain forklift units are capable of lifting several tonnes at the same time. These kinds of machinery are the ideal application for heavy work. Rough terrain lift trucks are offered in a range of designs. These are available with 4 wheel crab steering, 2 wheel steering and 4 wheel steering. These machinery are usually powered by an internal combustion diesel engine. This type of fuel supplies the equipment the power it needs for speed and acceleration. A Brief History Manitou initially launched the 4-wheel drive rough terrain forklift in the latter part of the 1950s. They were manufactured within Ancenis, France. Not long after, during the 1960s, the very first telescoping boom rough terrain lift truck was introduced. This particular model changed the way materials were handled within crowded construction sites, particularly places where traditional units of industrial products were not being used. Different improvements have been made during the past thirty years on the telescoping boom and the automatic hydraulic frame. These new designs have greatly improved load capacity and stability. A lot of improvements of safety features have transformed this materials handling alternative into a vital device. The rough terrain forklift is utilized in numerous key industries like farming, mining, construction and military applications. Certain models of rough terrain forklifts can be used on every surface, rough and paved. These units are called all-terrain lift trucks. This machine is capable of transporting things from inside of the factory to outside waiting transportation and vice versa. Being outfitted with deep tread tires, helps ensure that the vehicle could be used in the majority of outdoor applications. They could successfully function on rough, uneven or slippery surfaces. The huge pneumatic tires can travel easily over mud, snow, rocks, wood, sand and ice. These machines have changed the material handling business. They are here to stay. By keeping up your maintenance schedule, your forklift can serve you for numerous years to come. These types of equipment need to be taken care of and inspected every day, particularly when they are working outdoors in dirty and difficult applications. More