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Nissan Order Picker Forklift

Nissan Order Picker Forklift

The order pickers manufactured by Nissan are based on a modular design in order to offer owners and operators the most affordable solutions to the widest array of demands in the warehousing business. A few of the options consist of tiller arm or wheel steering, fixed and rising driver platforms and low and high fork options.

With about 15 tons to raise in a single shift, your operators need durability and reliability to be able to attain extreme production. The order picker series made by Nissan have been meticulously designed with the operator's requirements in mind. They provide the utmost safety features to create a comfortable and efficient working atmosphere and increase performance. These types of equipment work at both medium and low levels with long forks to greatly enhance workflow by being able to handle up to 3 pallets or 2 roll cages at a time. The operator platform rises about 95 cm in less than 2.5 seconds to allow for rapid access to picking positions.

The lift speed is fast at high level. There is easy access from the cab to the forks and the picking position. AC power guarantees instance response to the operator's slightest command. As well, every braking movement really helps to recharge the battery for a longer shift. More uptime means more productivity. All order pickers made by Nissan enjoy easy battery changes and on-board fault diagnostics. These design features greatly contribute to increased uptime of the machinery.

Ergonomic design is applied at all levels. For instance, at both medium and low levels, choose the steering option that is best for your operation. The power assisted wheel offers effortless and precise control. In applications where the operator walks beside the truck, the tiller arm option can be the best choice. In this particular position, the brake is applied each and every time the arm is raised vertically. Once raised, it provides the operator with ample space to stand on the truck.

When picking positions are close together, the "side drive" option allows the operator the chance to walk alongside the equipment and control the truck from either side. The operator can achieve this "straight line" operation in order to guarantee accurate forward and backward travel. At both low and medium level, the step height is just a few centimeters from the ground for easy access. Additionally, the rising platform options enable an easy "walk around" space.

At high level, cab access is easy and quick. The floor is additionally cushioned for the operator's comfort. Also, the controls are carefully located for easy operation and to help ensure utmost output.

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